Retailers (B2B) Key Benefits

  • Convenience and ease of use: PGI has a competitive edge over other payment gateway portals as it is enables successful delivery of payment services. It is increasingly being adopted for its efficiency and ease-of-use.

  • Flexibility and enhanced security: This user-friendly payment gateway allows you complete flexibility when ti comes to making transactions. Our online payment solution is designed to complete tasks easily while enhancing security.

  • Access to payment services to various merchants: When you have PGI by your side, you have every reason to feel empowered. Only we bring to you a wide network of merchants under one roof. This opens up more avenues for you.

  • One account for all business transactions: Forget about logging on to multiple accounts for access to different functions. We offer a single and unified account for the entire transaction lifecycle. It not only saves time and spares you from the trouble of remembering several log-in credentials.

  • Access real-time and past transaction reporting: Every transaction you make through PGI gets stored in its exact form. You have the privilege of referring to the transaction details real-time.

  • Reliable and robust platform with a support team: PGI is a full-proof platform that allows only legitimate orders to flow through. It prevents fraudulent orders from entering the system. Moreover, our customer support team is always there to resolve you queries.

  • Minimize working capital: As PGI is a value-for-money platform it certainly suits your budget. Instead of partnering with multiple merchants and paying them individually, PGI significantly reduces your operation cost by giving you the same facility with lesser financial commitment.