Merchant Overview

Better Cash Management starts with Better Data Management

Both buyers and suppliers look for enhanced payment information, mainly the remittance details, to increase payment efficiency and accounting accuracy.

For suppliers / merchants, the payment reconciliation process in accounts receivables is typically very time consuming and cumbersome. First, the payment has to be matched to the original invoice, without remittance and other details, this process may require manual research. Once matched, the payment information must be entered into the accounting system and posted to the general ledger. These processes are generally manual in nature.

An innovative “One-Stop” payment hub would provide a full menu of payment types and enable a single point of access to an enhanced transaction data that will improve accuracy and reduce complexity and costs.

Our innovative payment processing services can help optimize your online business. With our wide customer base we can help industries of almost all verticals. Be it travel, utility payments, online shopping, telecommunication, donation, education, entertainment, finance, multi level marketing or any other merchants , Our Channel network outlets add to our client’s roster automatically and this arrangement provides clients alternate cash collection points beyond its own network of branches & collections offices.