Merchant Highlights

Accept Online Payment

The PGI online payment system works through our eWallet. A PGI E wallet is a personal cash account that enables your agents / customers to make instant online payments and receive instant payouts simply and securely. Your agents / customers can pay on your site in two easy steps: 1. Open a PGI account 2. Pay at your site.


The merchants who use our online payment gateway span a wide range of industries and business sizes, including: entertainment, retail, digital goods, travel, utility payment, and financial services, to name just a few. Contact us to find out how you can grow your business when you accept online payments.

Maximise profits

Our marketing and affinity programs focus on driving existing agent / customer business and generating new customers for your online business through our agent network. As a low-cost payment option, our payment gateway helps drive revenue on your site by getting more agents / customers spending online more often at a lower cost. Tap into our agent network of active online consumers with targeted marketing and co-branding opportunities.